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Westbury Volunteer Corps is comprised of residents and friends of the Westbury, New York community. Interested volunteers include elected officials and professionals (active and retired) spanning many different industries, including aerospace, visual and performing arts, law enforcement, healthcare, education, environment and ecology, technology and many more. Our team and volunteers are working toward creating a greater sense of community and togetherness while enhancing the education of the students, especially those in the Westbury Union Free School District.

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Who We Are: Welcome


The Westbury Union Free School District encompasses the Village of New Cassel, most of the Village of Westbury and a small part of the Village of Old Westbury. There are approximately 5,000 students in the District of whom 3,600 are Hispanic, 1,200 are African American, 81 are White and 64 are Asian or Native American.  At the high school, 99% of the students are from minority backgrounds and 71% are from economically disadvantaged households.

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Who We Are: About Us
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