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Volunteering is renowned for skill development and is often intended to promote
goodness or to improve human quality of life. Volunteering may have positive
benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community served.
It is also intended to make contacts for possible employment.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Westbury Volunteer Corps
volunteer application form

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A volunteer can provide academic and professional guidance and can be a source of support to young people in the Westbury School District. Volunteers offer valuable skills including networking, research and internship opportunities. Or they can simply provide
insight and inspiration as they have more experience and knowledge in a particular field.

Here are specific ways in which you inspire or support a student:

• Tutor a student in an academic subject

• Mentor a student to develop a passion for a career/discipline

• Engage a student in a fun activity, such as a virtual museum tour or family read aloud

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